November 10th 11/10/2009

Who will win Uruguay’s runoff election?

Does the UN’s withdrawal of workers after a Kabul attack significantly hamper the Afghan reconstruction effort?

Does Chile need to reconsider its land restoration policies for its indigenous peoples?

Has Netanyahu beaten Obama?

Twenty years after the fall of the wall, has Western democracy finally triumphed over tyranny in Eastern Europe?

Will Abbas’ decision against re-relection hamper progress in the Middle East?

Should Brazil be concerned about the implications of its power outages on 2016?

What should we look for in Obama’s trip to Asia?

Can Mexico’s economy ever recover?

Will there be a renewal of the Russo-Georgian war?

Is all hope lost for Honduras?

Should Obama follow through on his pledge to renegotiate NAFTA?

Will David Cameron be the next Prime Minister of the UK?

Has Zardari failed to live up to the PPP hype?

Is NATO becoming irrelevant?



Should the US join the ICC?

What should be the role of quotas in American colleges and business enterprises?

Who will the GOP select in 2012?

Does NY-23 have meaningful implications for 2010?

What is the political legacy of Ted Kennedy?

Is Chris Dodd’s banking reform plan good policy?

Will Penry’s stepping down hurt or help the Colorado GOP against Ritter?

Will the Senate pass climate change legislation before Copenhagen?

Is Maine the nail in the coffin for gay marriage?

What's behind the war between the White House and Fox News?

Has the price of a college education in America gone too high?

Is Secretary LaHood a visionary in his push for tougher cell phone driving laws?

Does the Stupak amendment represent a new popular pro-life sentiment?

Is Obama doing enough to combat unemployment?

What effect has the Tea Party movement had on American politics?

Can Reid pass a public option through the Senate?

Is Joseph Cao the next Reagan?


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